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Gingerbread Man Polymer Clay Micro Cutter

RM 10.00


Gingerbread Man Micro Cutter is suitable for polymer clay craft, fondant dough, gum paste, modeling chocolate. Our micro cutter holder is versatile as it is designed to easily fits with our interchangeable polymer clay micro cutters. You only need one handle that fits all our micro cutters.

Our Micro Clay Cutters are suitable to cut material up to 6mm (0.23in) thickness.
Clay cutters have cutting sharp edge, 0.35mm - 0.4mm (0.014in - 0.015in).
Made with food grade plastic and dishwasher safe you can be confident you're investing in a tool that last a lifetime.

Cutters colour may vary from listing, depending on availability.
Cutters are made to order.
We will do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible!

All efforts are taken to reduce any bumps created during the making the cutters, however sometimes some will slip through our checks. These are light & can be easily smoothen during your sanding process.


Design A: Measures 10mm x 8mm (0.39in x 0.31in).
Design B: Measures 10mm x 9mm (0.39in x 0.35in).

Talk to us if you need a different size or design!

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