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Custom Your Very Own Mooncake Mold


Our Mooncake Mold is perfect for Mid Autumn Festival traditional mooncake baking and snowskin mooncake.

How to order: 

Each custom mold set comes with 1 standard plunger and 1 customizable stamp. 

Round scallop pattern mold comes with size options:
50g mold (Mooncake diameter ~45mm). Design within 35mm.
75g mold (Mooncake diameter ~58mm). Design within 48mm.
100g mold (Mooncake diameter ~65mm). Design within 55mm.
125g mold (Mooncake diameter ~70mm). Design within 60mm.

150g mold (Mooncake diameter ~76mm). Design within 65mm.


Square scallop pattern mold comes with size options:
50g mold (Mooncake diameter ~40mm). Design within 30mm.
75g mold (Mooncake diameter ~50mm). Design within 40mm.
100g mold (Mooncake diameter ~58mm). Design within 48mm.
125g mold (Mooncake diameter ~62mm). Design within 52mm.
150g mold (Mooncake diameter ~70mm). Design within 60mm.


Referencing to the image above, to custom your own design:

  1. Pick the mold shape and mold size you want (eg. 100g round mold).
  2. Hence your design should fit within the brown inner circle (eg. 55mm diameter for 100g round mold.)

  3. Share with us the design, ideally must be a simple black and white (monocolor) / silhouette style graphic / sketch. Design is best in AI or SVG format, but clear HQ image works too.

    Tip - Google search: “Black and White *Design* vector/line drawing /colouring in” or something similar etc.

    Full color photos or low resolution screenshots are not suitable, may require extra design fees.

    Below is a sample of an IDEAL image to share:
    Below is a sample of NOT an ideal image, as it is 1. blurred image, and 2. slanted image.

  4. Make sure the design line thickness is not too fine and thin (minimum 1mm), this is to ensure design will hold its shape during baking.
  5. You can contact us to check or further enquire about your artwork / design and get a quote. 'Contact us' info below.

  6. We have standard templates and fonts that you can pick from and add to your design. Please contact us with your design so that we can provide you with the suitable templates.

    Here are some examples of your logo with some templates:
    More examples:

Design and production time:
Usually 5-7 days.  
Priority processing option is available upon request, do contact us to discuss.

Shipping time:
Refer to our Processing & Shipping information page for the latest info. 

59978910 59978911

Stamp Only: If you are a baker looking to make custom logo mooncake for companies, our stamps are removable and exchangable as long as its the same size and same mold, so once you have the mold set from us, you can just get the custom stamp, DO let us know if you plan to do that so we can take note of the mold you have gotten. 

Bulk Order: You can get just 1 set (1 plunger+ 1 stamp) custom mooncake mold, there is no MOQ, on the other hand we do offer bundle discount if you are getting multiple of the same size and design. Do let us know the quantities and lead time to further discuss.

Contact us

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google form for mooncake mold email to cookiesandcharms

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