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All New 2024 Lunar New Year Cookie Cutter Design

All New 2024 Lunar New Year Cookie Cutter Design

Hi fellow baking enthusiasts! Have you decided what to bake this Chinese New Year? Let me show you some of our latest designs. 

 1. Chinese Lanterns 3D Pop Embosser 

chinese lanterns 3d pop fondant embosser

Pair with our arch cutter and Script font embosser  you can custom your own festive greetings with a beautiful lantern background. 

2. 福 Fu (Blessing) 3D Pop Embosser

福 Fu (Blessing)  words 3d pop embosser fondant

Tons of Fu in this 3D pop Embosser, wishing everyone to have a blessed new year.

3. 新年快乐 (Happy Chinese New Year) Font Embosser

新年快乐 (Happy Chinese New Year fondant embosser

The most popular CNY greetings is 新年快乐  (xīn nián kuài lè) means Happy Chinese New Year in Mandarin. 

4.Fortune 發財 Word Cookie Stencil

發 財 fa cai macarons stencil

The saying for Fortune is 發財 (fa cai) direct translate to "Get Rich". The favourite 2 words to all business owners. 

5. Fu Blessing Word Cookie Cutter and Embosser
福 fu word cookie cutter and embosser

By popular demand, we also have a new font for the 福 Fu word. The more the merrier! 

6. God of Wealth Cai Shen Ye Cookie Cutter and Embosser

God of Wealth  cai shen ye cookie cutter and embosser​​​

Giving money instead of presents, to kids and adults alike, the Chinese God of Wealth Cai Shen Ye.

7. Lion Dance Scroll Cookie Cutter and Embosser

lion dance scroll cookie cutter and embosser stamp new year
Our Lion dance characher now carries a scroll to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

8. Koi Fish Cookie Cutter and Embosser

koi fish cookie cutter and embosser lunar new year

The mandarin word fish 鱼 also sounds similar to the word abundace 裕 . Symbolizes wealth and success. 

9. Fire Cracker Cookie Cutter and Embosser

fire cracker chinese new year  cookie cutter and embosser

Fire crackers is used to drive away evil during the Chinese New Year, wising everyone to have a good luck throughout the year.

These are our new CNY theme cookie cutter embosser for year 2024, which one is your favourite? 
We also have a set of dragon zodiac themed cutters, read the blog here to know more!

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