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Hi There Bakers! Here's our Baking Tools guide get started baking with Cookies and Charms

Hi There Bakers! Here's our Baking Tools guide get started baking with Cookies and Charms

Hi There my lovely bakers!

Today let's dive into our quick guide on the baking tools we offer that will take your creations from ordinary to extraordinary! Whether you're a seasoned pastry chef or a budding home baker, having the right tools in your kitchen can make all the difference. And guess what? You're in luck because we've got some must have tools you need right here.

Cookie Cutters

thebakingchapter.my jumping rabbit clay cutter

Lets start by talking about cookie cutters. These little gems are simple to use but turns ordinary cookie dough into edible works of art. From the basic classic shapes to internet favourite unicorn character and everything in between.

And here's the exciting part – we offer not one, but two different types of cookie cutters to suit your baking needs!

1. Cookie Cutters:

If you have an order of 1000 pcs of cookies for the next corporate party, our thicker durable outline wall cookie cutters are the perfect choice. These sturdy cutters holds their shape under constant pressure from cutting dough and are make to last, so you can enjoy baking with them for years to come!

2. Fondant (Clay) Cutters:

If you need to make intricate designs with delicate details, our fondant cutters with thinner, sharper edges are just what you need. Whether you're crafting miniature bunnies or delicate flowers, these cutters will help you achieve a clean professional-looking results every time.

Embossers / stamps

lantern 2 cutter and embosserpaisley 3d pop embosser and cutter

Next up, we got embossers / stamps , the sidekick for cookie cutters that adds intricate details or personalize your cookies. At Cookies and Charms, we have 3 different categories of embossers, each with their own specialize use.

1. Standard Embosser

This is usually complimentary with our cookie cutters, giving the cookies indent details. Usually used on cookie dough, the indent outline can be use as a template for icing decoration or baked straight turning a plain cookie into a lively character.

2. 3D Pop Embosser

Our 3D Pop Embossers are able to create intricate detailed designs that pops out. This is ideally use with fondant, as fondant captures fine details with ease and sticks less easily with the embosser, creating stunning pop out designs.

3. Font Embosser

Our Font Embosser with alphabet letters, numbers and symbols, allows you to personalize each and every cookie. From New Year's greetings to Christmas wishes, from names like Alice to Zack, the possibilities are endless with our font embosser.

So whether you need a guide to pipe your icing, or to personalize with heartfelt messages, our embossers will elevate your creation with ease.

Mooncake molds

custom your mooncake mold B pet logo mooncake

Step into a world of tradition with a modern twist. We can craft a personalise mooncake mold specially for you and your company. Our plunger comes with various sizes and shapes and the stamps are removable so you can have a different design, allowing you to create mooncakes that are truly one-of-a-kind. Ready to make your mark this lunar festival? Explore our personalized mooncake molds below.


NBmaveatscake eidcnc metal

Stencils are not only use to easily add icing details to cookies, you can also use it onto your cakes or drinks with some dusting powder, or roll it on fondant to make intricate texture with it.

Hence we offer 3 different types of stencils, each differs base on your baking needs:

1. Sheet Stencil

Our thin sheet stencils are approximately 0.2mm thick and is cost effective. They are perfect for use as templates to spread icing or spray paint on your cookies. Their thin flexible nature makes them perfect to be use as texture mats with fondant, making the stencil versatile in use.

2. Acrylic stencils 

Our acrylic stencils are usally 2mm thick and clear, making them durable and ideal for everyday use. Whether you are dusting on baked goods, coffee or cocktail drinks, these stencils gives you a consistent results everytime.

3. Metal stencils 

For a more premium and durable options, we also offer metal stencils, their sleek design and sturdy look, brings up a level to the whole experience, perfect showstopper tool to have.

Bead roller

Round Ornament Bead Fondant Rollerstraight christmas tree bead roller 1

Our bead rollers offer a quick, easy, and consistent way to create symmetrical, cylindrical, or spherical shapes with fondant. Imagine effortlessly crafting delicate Christmas trees and ornaments to adorn your holiday bakes, or adding elegant beadwork to your cakes and cupcakes for a touch of sophistication.

But the magic doesn't stop with fondant – our bead rollers are incredibly versatile. Get creative and experiment with other mediums like pineapple tarts or chocolates. With our bead rollers, you can effortlessly shape the perfect sphere to adorn your treats.

Rolling Pin and Depth Guide

depth guides w rolling pins3 Round Bead Fondant Roller Cutter

Say goodbye to uneven dough, with our depth pin guide, it allows you to roll out the perfect amount of cookie dough or achieve a super thin and consistent sheet of fondant for your cakes and pastries.

What’s more complimentary with our bead roller, together with a volumetric cutter and a 2.5mm depth guide, you are sure have the perfect amount of material to use our bead roller every single time.

Well my dear bakers, there you have it - a tour on our baking tools that you need to unleash your creativity in the kitchen.
So what are you waiting for? Explore our collections featuring our specially made designs, or chat with us on tools and designs that you have always envisioned, let us make it a reality for you!

There's no time to waste when there are delicious treats to be made! 
Happy baking! 🍰✨

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